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Grace Hotel Management International LTD was formed in July 1998 and was set up to continue the business of Execumaster Ltd., a UK company incorporated in December 1987 by Dr. Anthony Betts. Following a reorganization of that company, Solano Architecture was incorporated as a separate UK Company and the remaining divisions formed into Grace HMI Ltd.

Grace HMI offers  Consultancy, Management, Design, Purchasing & Installation Services and Training.

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Betts

President & CEO

Dr Anthony Betts is the President and CEO of Grace Hotel Management International, LTD. He started his career in hospitality at the famed Westminster Hotel School in London and went on to study in Europe and America earning a BSc, MBA and PhD in Hospitality Management. After a successful international career managing hotels in the Channel Islands, Zambia, South Africa and Rhodesia /Zimbabwe, he returned to Europe to develop and operate a chain of modern fast casual restaurants in London, Paris and Florence in partnership with the internationally renowned designer Frank Solano.

Following the sale of the restaurants Tony became a partner of the design company and specialised in offering Operational Consultancy, Training and Project Management to the clients. Tony also serves as an Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management at a leading Istanbul University. The consulting and management sides of the company have developed as a result of partnerships with a number of locally based consulting companies including Aydon Consultants (UK).

Frank R. Solano

Chairman Solano Architecture

Frank started his career in 1963 studying architecture in Boston Mass., USA while working for a major US Hotel Corporation. Within 10 years he opened his own design firm in Boston and a London office 4 years later. He relocated to London in 1982 and that remained his base of operations until 2011 when he returned to Connecticut, USA.

The design company has completed projects throughout the world and for all the major hotel chains. In the past 40 years he has taken his company to the top of the industry and continues to maintain an enviable reputation for providing professional service, cutting edge design and professional projects.

Peter Guinsberg

Chairman Aydon Consultants

Peter is a qualified solicitor, first admitted in South Africa and then called to the Bar at Grays Inn, London as a Barrister. Whilst a solicitor, Peter was a partner in a firm representing South Africa’s leaders in mining, insurance and banking. During this time, he gained an intimate knowledge of internal corporate operations in these industries.

Peter has been involved in marketing and export consultancy since 1972 including 10 years as a senior director in a company specializing in bespoke heavy transmission, product design and manufacturing. Peter founded the Aydon Group of Consultants which is an international network of firms in 22 countries offering expertise, advice, invaluable business services and resources across a wide spectrum of industries.

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